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Welcome to Accident Law Center Andy Van Le & Associates Injury Attorney. The Accident Law Center is comprised of managing partner, Andy Van Le and a team of dedicated professionals who aggressively fight for the rights of their clients. For over ten years, we have been serving San Diego, California, by providing each client with an experienced personal injury attorney for their case. We have successfully represented thousands of clients who have suffered at the hands of negligent parties. We make sure justice is served by utilizing every strategy, approach and supporting evidence possible to build you the strongest case for your accident claim. Your personal injury lawyer from the Accident Law Center will provide you with dedicated and committed service from your initial filing up until the resolution of your case.

Law Firm Name : Accident Law Center Andy Van Le & Associates

Address: 1551 4th Ave, Suite 102, San Diego, CA 92101, USA

Phone: 619-955-9440
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