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December 6, 2017 | Author: Anonymous | Category: N/A
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Interactive Art Director. PHONE. E-MAIL. (+33) 7 87 19 99 13 [email protected] Experience. PRESENT. SEPT 13'. MARCE...


Interactive Art Director PHONE

(+33) 7 87 19 99 13


[email protected]

Experience PRESENT SEPT 13’

MARCEL Paris, France Art Director Art Director under the creative direction of Erik Vervroegen and Lionel Bui, ideating, creating, animating and prototyping interactive and print campaigns for notably Ray-Ban and other clients

SEPT 13’

QUNB Paris, France

AUG 12’

Product Designer Designed the complete user experience and web application for an easy-to-use data visualization engine. Concepted user flows and mockups as well as design assets ranging from identity to CSS styleguides

JUNE 12’ JAN 12’

ALLEN & GERRITSEN Philadelphia, USA User Experience Design Intern Concepted and designed user interfaces, UX models and formulated information architecture for client products between web, tablet and mobile platforms. Gained principal knowledge in user-centered design

JULY 12’

RED BULL Philadelphia, USA

AUG 10’

Student Brand Manager Ideated and deployed traditional and guerilla advertising techniques that contributed to Red Bull’s premium brand image among the 40,000+ students at Temple University

Education 2012



Bachelor’s of arts in Advertising - Minor in French

Skills WEB

HTML CSS SASS JavaScript WordPress minor PHP Data Visualization with D3.js Prototyping in After Effects



Photoshop Illustrator InDesign

Fluent in English and French

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