Is CBD Oil Legal in London?

December 15, 2020 | Author: damitonsmith | Category:
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Yes, all types of CBD products are legal to buy and sell throughout the UK, including London. According to the Food Standards Agency’s latest updates in February 2020, a person can sell various forms of CBD in the United Kingdom without a special license, as long as there is zero THC detected in the merchandise. Not even 0.01% will pass for legal.
At the same time, any CBD oil vape should have absolutely no nicotine whatsoever. In other words, a consumer does not have to worry about any strict regulations for buying or selling goods from CBD oil. Finally, all CBD edibles on the market must have a Novel Food application. Of course, UK law enforcement isn’t exactly knocking down any businesses’ doors to implement the regulations. Outside the United Kingdom, the states throughout the European Union have their own laws regarding CBD products for sale. Thankfully, one can easily go online to find one of the top CBD oil shops in London.
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