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ONESOURCE ® CalEndaR TAX & ACCOUNTING Key Features aND BeNeFits: • Easy to use • Quick set-up • User-defined criteria di...


ONESOURCE calendar ®

A Web-Hosted calendar Solution for Corporate Tax Departments Automate Due Date Monitoring and Tracking of Tax-Related Activities Corporate tax professionals like you know that missing a deadline can be costly. ONESOURCE Calendar automates the due date monitoring process and tracking of tax-related activities, so you’ll never inadvertently miss a due date. Plus, ONESOURCE Calendar helps you balance staff workloads, allocate assignments, and anticipate problems. ONESOURCE Calendar is a web-based, due date tracking package that helps organize tax workflows, tax filings, and payments. Users can instantly determine delinquent items, the status of outstanding items, and items that need your attention. Anytime and anywhere access keeps you in control at the office, at home, or on the road. Key Features AND Benefits: • Easy to use • Quick set-up • User-defined criteria display scheduled events to meet your needs • Ad-hoc viewing of events • Daily, weekly, and monthly graphical calendar views

• Tax law update engine keeps content current • Exports to Microsoft® Office Excel, Outlook, and Lotus Notes® • Notification of event reminders • User-defined fields for additional event information tracking • Assign and manage responsibilities

A Centralized Database ONESOURCE Calendar provides a single multiyear database of all due dates, payments, extensions, filings, and projects. You can select the information that you want to see by sorting and filtering views by due date, preparer, reviewer, jurisdiction, authority, tax type, status, and several other options.



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Complete Reporting Capability Several label formats and standard reports are available to cover many of your needs. Plus, with our intuitive and powerful report writer, you can select only those records you want to see and create custom reports for your specific requirements. Additionally, you can generate automated labels from your ONESOURCE Calendar database for all your tax returns, estimated payments, extensions, and more. This solution supports the most popular label formats.

Pre-Populated Tax Events ONESOURCE Calendar provides robust content that is available by geographic region to ensure you have access to the information you need. The regions available are North America; South & Central America; Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA); and Asia Pacific (APAC). In addition to the pre-populated content, ONESOURCE Calendar gives you the ability to enter custom information and dates. The pre-populated event content for statutory filings includes names, addresses, and due dates from various taxing authorities such as:

Customized reports enable you to quickly view the information you need.

• Federal corporate income tax • Federal partnership income tax • Federal trust tax • State corporate income and franchise tax • State partnership income tax • State trust tax • Sales and use tax for state and local filings: monthly, quarterly, and annually

Security With the granular security feature in ONESOURCE Calendar, you control access for who can set up or manage events. This keeps your calendar function accurate across all of your entities and jurisdictions.

Certified Mailers With ONESOURCE Calendar, you can print U.S. certified mail and return receipt forms for all of your scheduled events, right from the calendar. You can even print U.S. certified mailers in bulk and then track the certified mail process online. With all its features, ONESOURCE Calendar is more than just a calendar. It delivers: • Robust content • Due date logic • Multiple filing addresses per tax form • Multiple tax types per authority • Multiple tax types per tax form • Intuitive and powerful report writer, and so much more!

Now you can manage, publish, and track all of your internal and external deadlines online with one solution - ONESOURCE Calendar! Contact us today for more information. Pre-populated events cover a wide range of authorities.

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