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the hoe. Oh wait let me rewind and tell you exactly why Nikki's a hoe. someone who could possibly flirt ......


-----------------------------TITLE: The Bad Boy's Girl LENGTH: 9848 DATE: Oct 26, 2012 VOTE COUNT: 39651 READ COUNT: 8173960 COMMENT COUNT: 9711 LANGUAGE: English AUTHOR: JessGirl93 COMPLETED: 1 RATING: 3 MODIFY DATE: 2014-06-17 16:04:54 -----------------------------#################################### The Bad Boy's Girl #################################### *Note: Thank you for deciding to read The Bad Boy's Girl, I really hope that you guys enjoy the story! That said you might find the grammar a little lacking in the first two or three chapters and I apologize for that. I've tried editing it but due to a glitch, the changes never get made. You'll find the grammar much better from the third/fourth chapter onwards so please excuse any mistakes that you do find :) - IntroductionMom and Dad are at it again and I can hear their shouts through the thin almost paper like walls that our house has. They are still under the impression that if they shout downstairs I wouldn't be able to hear them.Yet sadly for them and for me I can hear each and every word crystal clear. But that's what they do. They fight up to the point where they want to tear each other's hair out and then go to their room. Lately, however my dad has taken to sleeping in the guest bedroom which he sneaks out of every morning before I go to school. He thinks I don't know but I do. I know that things are bad between my parents but they'll never leave each other. They're stubborn like that. I get that from them, the stubbornness I mean but I really do hope I'm never put in a situation like theirs. Though I don't have to worry about finding someone I love and then ending up hating them because the guy I love will never love me. He's too busy being in love with Nikki the hoe. Oh wait let me rewind and tell you exactly why Nikki's a hoe.

Nicole Andrea Bishop aka the reason behind every bad thing in my life is my ex-best friend and vice captain of the varsity dance team. I have know her since kindergarten when everything was rainbows and butterflies and sharing a cup of Jell-O meant that we were BFF's. Truly that's what Nikki and I were for about ten years. Then High School happened and turned her into the spawn of Satan. Gone was the girl who used to braid my hair because I was physically incapable of doing so. Gone was the girl who stayed up all night with me helping me prepare for the nightmare that was my French final in junior high. Gone was the girl who had dinner with my family every Saturday night before we started our weekly Gilmore Girls marathon. By the time freshman year ended she had been possessed by the spirit of Regina George and I was that pesky fly that kept hovering near her. I fought to keep our friendship alive I truly did but there was only so much my ego could take. This is the part where I tell you that I used to be fat. Oh and when I mean fat I don't mean the kind of fat where you could wear skinny jeans and crop tops yet still find it in yourself to criticize those few extra pounds. I weighed one hundred and ninety-eight pounds which was more than both my mother and father and perhaps all of Abraham Lincoln High School. I was that girl who wore sweatpants and hoodies with my converse. But before you begin to pity me let me tell you that I was never conscious about my weight in fact I was pretty okay with it. I didn't diet I didn't exercise (much to my mother's chagrin) and I didn't sacrifice animals so that the gods would miraculously make me shed all my weight. I ate what I wanted I stayed inside watching Gossip Girl on my laptop and in school I was ignored, not bullied but ignored. Then Nicole joined the dance team and suddenly everyone hated me. I can still hear them you know the catcalls and hushed (well not so hushed) whispers as Nicole and I would pass the other students. 'What was a hottie like Nicole Andrea Bishop doing with a girl like me?' 'Why didn't Nicole just get ride of the extra weight?' Yeah that one was hilarious. 'How was I fatty Tessie blackmailing Nicole into being my friend?' Suffice to say Nicole realized that I was damaging her 'rep' .So after months of avoiding my calls and not 'having time' to hangout with me she made it clear that I was now a bother to her and that we couldn't be friends anymore.

I swallowed my pride and agreed. Just like that ten years of friendship went down the drain all because my best friend was too big of a coward to stand up to the people who questioned our friendship. Now if she'd stayed a coward I would've been okay but she decided that one humungous character flaw wasn't enough and that she needed to become a mega bitch. Which she did. While I returned for sophomore year fifty pounds lighter she returned with a boyfriend. Not just any boyfriend-she returned as the girlfriend of the boy I'd been crushing on since I was eight. Woo-freakin-hoo. Jason 'Jay' Stone was the first boy who ever got me flowers. Well if you count one roughly plucked dandelion as a flower. He did this when we were in the third grade and when I'd come to school wearing my favourite bow. He told me I looked pretty and that was it-I was in love. As time went on we became good friends. Well he was a good friend to me. I simply became tongue tied in his presence. He was your typical All American Boy with his blonde hair blue eyes and baseball pedigree. However as I added pounds to my body I became shy about my association with him. I was fat and carried the pre-pubescent awkwardness. Let's just say I wasn't the kind of girl who deserved to spend time with Jay Stone and I distanced myself from him. Nicole knew fully well how I felt about him. She even encouraged me to ask him out because she claimed he had a crush on me even with all the fat I had on. Yeah no thanks. However during the summer before my sophomore year while I was busy slaving over the treadmill and consuming my body weight in water I realized that maybe this year I had a chance that I could finally be someone who could possibly flirt with Jay Stone. I was in for a rude awakening. The first time I saw Jay after that summer was in the school hallway just before the bell for first period rang. I had worn my newest Diesel jeans ( my parents were loaded go figure) Forever 21 top and after watching a YouTube tutorial, styled my blonde hair into the perfect top knot with my make up expertly applied. However my eye-makeup soon ran down my face as when I saw him. He had his tongue down my best excuse me my ex-best friend's throat. If I had eaten something I surely would've thrown it all up. That was how sickened and betrayed and back stabbed I felt not to mention that all my dreams and hopes along with my heart had just been crushed.

I had lost Jay Stone to my ex-best friend and boy did she rub it in my face. It was like losing all that weight made no difference to them. I was still Fatty Tessie and I still wasn't worthy of their niceness.

So here I am two years later and a senior going into my second week of high school sitting at home on a Saturday night and stalking the love of my life on Facebook. I was on his profile which seemed to be filled with posts from his girlfriend who called herself Nicole Stone on the site. Urgh I think I threw up a little. His display picture was one of the two of them on the beach. He had lifted her up with his arms around her waist and he was kissing the side of her head as she grinned (quite wickedly If you ask me) at the camera. Oh just kill me already. I tried blocking out the various pictures of Nicole as I went through his photos and my heart broke each time a new one came up. He was so perfect, so beautiful with his messy golden hair and ocean blue eyes and perfect smile. The dimples on his cheeks, the freckles on his nose, those sharp cheekbones... I was such a goner. But he wouldn't even look at me because he was too busy swapping spit with freaking Nicole Andrea Bishop. They were the perfect couple. The kind that were most likely to be voted Prom King and Queen on senior prom. The kind who would eventually get married one day because it seemed like they were so in love with each other. Why couldnt he see how evil his girlfriend was? How could he be blind to all her faults? Oh wait I remember. The fangs only came out when I was around and around him she was the perfect little angel. To give him credit Jay would always go out of his way to say hi to me and whenever we had the same class he'd offer to carry my books. Obviously I never accepted because Nicole was always just a few feet away with fire coming out of her nostrils. She really was insecure wasnt she? I refreshed his profile a couple of times until I saw a post that literally made me want to throw the laptop fifty feet away. 'I'm coming home brother ;) Better throw me a killer party Jay Jay' That post was by Cole Stone. Oh hell no. Cole was Jay's step-brother and the one person apart from Nicole who seemed to have a baseless hatred for me.

He bullied me relentlessly all through elementary school and junior high. However being the delinquent that he was he got sent away to military school, freshman year. And now he was coming back. Cole was a monster, a criminal and and he... Oh My God. Now there's two of them! In some twisted way Cole and Nicole ( they even had rhyming names!) were related and now they'll combine their evil powers to make me miserable. I gulp and shut my laptop down tossing it aside. Oh cruel world. Someone up there must really have it in for me mustn't they? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------So I basically re-read all of my Princess Diaries books and I really wanted to write a light hearted and humorous story. All my other stories are full of drama and are somewhat serious. Hopefully with this one I'll be able to incorporate more humour/sarcasm/wit along with the basics like romance-DUH. So show your support by voting/commenting/fanning and let me know if I should go ahead with it. Much love Blair P.S If anyone of you feels like making me a cover then pleaseeeeee go ahead :) #################################### Chapter One : He's Bush and I'm Like His Mini Afghanistan #################################### A big thank you beautifuldreams for amazing new cover!! :D Chapter One : He's Bush and I'm Like His Mini Afghanistan Monday morning when my dad drops me off at school I pull on the hood of my jacket, which belongs to the days of Fatty Tessie hence being so baggy that it almost swallows me. The mission is to be as invisible to the human eye as possible and what better way to do that than wear something which 'the new me' wouldn't be caught dead with? My father eyes me curiously as I tip-toe towards the building but I can always explain it to him later that I'm trying to save my life. When he

finally drives away I rush still on my tip-toes imitating a bad spy thriller and merge into the crowd of ALHS, so far so good. The plan is to quickly grab my books from my locker which might be the only way someone might identify me today. I plan on sitting way at the back today and ask the teachers to mark my attendance at the end of the lesson. Thankfully due to the fact that I am such a nerd my teachers wouldn't mind doing that for me especially if I mentioned that I was in mortal danger.

Now you might say that I'm overreacting and that I don't even know if Cole is going to be in school today however I have know that boy long enough to be aware of his twisted schemes. He will attack when I lower my defenses and that my friends will not be happening. "Tessa," Oh no my cover's been blown! I squeeze my eyes shut and start walking towards homeroom which happenes to be in the direction opposite of whoever it was that's calling me. "Tessa wait!" I keep walking glancing left and right hoping that Cole wouldn't jump out of some random corner will water balloons in his hands. That devious baboon...he's got minions now does he? I try to hurry as much as I can but I'm not fast enough. A hand clasps down on my shoulder and I open my mouth to scream but I then my eye falls on the beaded bracelet on the wrist of the person holding on to me and I sigh in relief. That purple bracelet has beads with pink lettering on them spelling 'M-E-G-A-N' and belong to my friend Megan. I know for certain that she does not mean me physical harm well at least not intentionally. "Why-" she pauses to take a deep breath "Are you..." deep breath again, "Running so fast?" She's panting like she's just run a marathon instead of chasing me down a school corridor but in her defense she's a bigger nerd then me and exercise is a foreign concept to her. However she is a nerd with an obsession for gossip so she must know exactly why I'm running. "Let's get to class I'll explain." I say grabbing her arm and pulling her along before she attracts too much attention. "Ooo I smell gossip." She rubs her hands together manically and her green eyes shimmer in delight. Meet Megan Sharp one of my best friends post Nicole. We bonded over our mutual hatred of Chemistry and late hours at the library. She's an honours student destined for Princeton ( a college she loves beyond the point of normalcy by the way) and in her spare time she loves nothing more than knowing everything about everyone even though that knowledge might not be credible. She's pretty( if you ignore her

eccentricity) with her deep red hair and flawless complexion. She looks like a porcelain doll and I envy her ability to be petite and delicate while I am anything but. We enter the classroom and as per usual Miss Sanchez is fast asleep in her chair while paper planes are whizzing by her head. The two of us spot our other best friend Bethany aka Beth sitting by the window and scribbling furiously over her notebook and head over to her direction. "Hey Beth!' I wince at the shrill tone of Megan's voice but you just cannot tone this girl down this is her usual way of greeting peopledestroying their eardrums. Beth does not look up and I realize that she's in her zone, her 'I'm writing a song come near me and I'll kill you' zone so I pry Megan away from her and we both silently take our seats. Beth Romano is my other best friend post Nicole. She transferred to our school during sophomore year so she hasn't witnessed Fatty Tessie but what she has witnessed is Nicole's constant torment of me. She doesn't do well with bullies and that is an understatement. If I had a penny for each time I had to stop her from punching Nicole in the face I'd be able to buy the new iPhone. She's got that tough girl appearance going on with her fishnet tights and band t-shirts along with her trademark leather jacket. She told me that she'd dyed her mahogany hair black and liked the whole 'panda eye' look. To others she might come across a little scary but she's one hell of a friend.

"So will you tell me why you were running away from me like you've just killed someone and why you're dressed like...that?" She turns her nose up at my appearance and I try to not be offended. I dressed like this for the better part of my life and nobody ever had a problem with it then. "You don't know?" Apparently this is the worst thing to say to someone who feeds off of gossip. A crazed look comes over her face as her eyes become frantic, "What? What don't I know?" "Cole Stone's coming back." I gulp and the shock that comes across her face lasts for only ten seconds as pity replaces it. She places her hand over mine and solemnly says, "I'm sorry." Even Megan knows that I'm counting my last days.

"I don't get what the big deal is? Why is this Cole person so scary?" Beth asks as she takes a bite out of her cheese burger. Her face scrunches up in disgust as she spits it all out, two years in this place and she's not realized how bad the food is. We're sitting in the further most corner of the cafeteria and surprisingly I've made it to lunch alive. Megan cuts me off before I even open my mouth, "Cole is Tessa's stalker." She says with ease. Beth's eyes bulge out before I correct Megan, "He's not my stalker he's just someone specifically designed to torture me." I say in an eerily calm manner. "It cant be that bad," Beth shrugs and digs around her bag until she pulls out a half eaten pack of chips. "Oh it is if you think Nicole is bad wait till you meet Cole." Once again Megan has taken to speaking for me, hello it's my bully we're discussing here! "She's right notice the rhyming names!" I exclaim and both of them look at me like I'm from planet Cuckoo. What? The rhyming names thing totally matters. "Is he hot?" Beth asks smirking and I feel like I've been backstabbed. Why does it matter if he's hot? He's a monster! "Honey that boy puts Michelangelo's David to shame!" sighs Megan I hit her arm and she pouts, "It's true though that guy is hot." If only she were wrong.

The last period arrives without me running into either of the twin horrors i.e Nicole or Cole but that is only because Nicole's been practicing all day with her dance team for a big competition at the end of the week. The perks of being on the only teams that brings any sort of silverware to ALHS is that the members get to skip classes with official consent. The last class is unfortunately PE and while I am comfortable with my body, the Fatty Tessie inside of me still struggles to put on gym shorts and a cap sleeved top whilst parading in front of judgemental teenage boys as they enjoy girls bouncing around while being attacked by basketballs. But I still had to do it because it's high school and PE is yet another torture you have to endure.

So it's safe to suppose that Cole is not in school today and seeing as how I hadn't seen Nicole I realize that I'm having a pretty good day. Until... "Hey Tessie." I grit my teeth and plaster fake smile on my face turning on my heels in the locker room and coming face to face with the she-devil herself. "Nicole." I say acknowledging her presence. She stands there in her purple and yellow dance outift which consits of skimpy slitted skirt and an even skimpier vest top. Her dark hair is pulled into a high pony tail.and her skin is as usual the perfect caramel colour and her outfit accentuates the hazel in her eyes. My ex-best friend is a stunner and she knows it. Her Latin heritage makes her stick out amidst the pale skinned fair haired majority. How she manages to look so good despite spending the day in a sweaty gym baffles me. "I see you still aren't doing the hip exercises I told you about." Right mock me and my supposed huge butt. "They don't seem to have worked on you so I decided it would be a waste of my time." She sneers and closes the distance between us until a few inches of space separate us, obviously it was a move to intimidate me and it has surely worked. "What did you say?" "Uh-uh nothing I said nothing." I stutter like my pathetic self almost cowering in fear of her. "That's what I thought. Now move out of my way before I crush you like the pesky insect you are." She growls and literally shoves me out of her way. After she leaves I find myself standing on the same spot for about ten minutes struggling to stop myself from hyperventilating. I am not good with confrontations and God knows what propelled me to talk back to Queen Bitch. I do some of the breathing exercises I've seen on TV which prove to be pretty pointless. Still in shock mode I walk to my locker which is where I stash my clothes and phone after a prank pulled by Nicole and her gang of Satan worshippers. Let's just say it's no fun walking around school with only a thong hiding your private parts. After I secure my belongings I make my way back to the gym only to be interrupted for the third time that day. This time however my heart

reacts in the totally opposite way of how it had reacted to seeing Nicole. My heart flutters, it flutters! "There you are Tessa I've been looking for you all day." Jay comes into view wearing his gym clothes and I lean back against my locker to stop myself from fainting at the sight of his smile. "You have?" I sighed dreamily as he nears me then mentally slap myself for sounding so silly. "You have?" I repeat with a deeper voice yet I sound like my dad when he choked on a bone last week. "Yeah I have. I've been meaning to talk to you since yesterday actually." I slip into La La land as he's obviously saying something important. I let my eyes rake over his body, his face his perfect blonde hair... "Tessa?" He waves a hand in front of my face making me crash land into reality. "Wh-what?" "I wanted to know if you were okay." "I'm fine," I reply knowing that a full blown smile's on my face this very second. Jay's so cute caring about me asking if I'm okay, talking to me even though his girlfriend is vehemently against it. "Really?" He seems surprised. I wonder why? "Yeah totally. I was a little feverish on Sunday but nothing some good old chicken soup cant help." I say like the idiot I am. "No-I wasn't-." He looks so cute when he's confused! "What?" "Look Tessa you know that Cole's coming back right?" Yes I do since I stalked you for hours on Saturday night. "What? No I did not know that!" I exclaim hoping that my non-existent acting skills come into play. He seems suspicious but doesn't say anything about it. "Oh well now you know. I just wanted to see if you're okay since your relationship with Cole..." "It's not a relationship Jay it's tyranny he's Bush and I'm like his mini Afghanistan."

He laughs and the cute little dimples appear on his cheeks making me melt. "I forgot how funny you were." His blue eyes shine as he grins at me, oh boy. "Look if he gives you any trouble you come to me okay?" He says seriously after a while and I nod. "You'll protect me?" I sound sappy to my own ears but to hell with it. Jay scratches the back of his neck and mutters yes as I resist the urge to kiss the life out of him. "Thank you Jay it means a lot to me." There is a faint tinge of pink on his cheeks and it stays there when we walk into the gym together. Thank fully Nicole isn't there and for that hour I pretend that Jay is mine and that everything is perfect. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------So glad that you guys like this story!! :D Amazed by the response so I posted this since it was already written. Thank you guys! Also there was no Cole in this but everyone knows that the intro to a story is a little slow but I promise he's making an entry pretty soon! Be excited y'all J Now please leave loads of comments/votes if you're reading this story. Feedback is the only thing which motivates me to write more so yeah get on that! P.S The cast list is up let me know if you guys agree with it or not :) #################################### Chapter Two : I'm Her Evil Russian Twin Svetlana #################################### Chapter Two : I'm Her Evil Russian Twin Svetlana "So honey I hear that Cole's back." My father says as we sit around the dining table for dinner. Oh he isn't back yet if he was then I would not be sitting here in once piece I think as I angrily stab a pea. "He is? I didn't know." I reply and my mother snorts in disbelief and chuckles, "You two always were so adorable together. That boy could just never leave you alone." She reminisces fondly as I struggle to contemplate which part of the misery I had been put through looked 'adorable' to my mother.

"I wish he did." I grumble "Now Tess we can't have you on bad terms with the Its election year and we need all the help we can give him my best 'are you kidding me' look. If he to Cole just to make him win an election he could office of the Mayor.

Sheriff's son can we? get." My dad says and I wants me to smooch off say goodbye to the

"Especially since your father was such a disappointment this term." My mom says sweetly but making sure that her words sting as much as they can. I could sense the beginnings of a fight so I finished my dinner in record time all thoughts of Cole forgotten and rush upstairs before someone started throwing cutlery around.

"Travis get up!" I shout outside my brother's door knocking on it loudly three times and stopping when he utters his usual greeting, the f word. Now it might seem strange to you that my brother wakes up around dinner time but we've all gotten used to his nocturnal nature. My parents understand that they've lost their prodigal son and I've realized that the best way to deal with new Travis is to keep a safe distance. See Travis is now twenty-one and still living at home because he got kicked out of his college for plagiarizing a paper. Then the love of his life dumped him and he resorted to alcohol in order to and I quote. "Deal with this shit." Ever since last year he's almost always been chronically hung over and as much as my father wants he cant do anything about it. He's the Mayor and he cannot be airing his dirty laundry out in public. When someone asks about him we simply either ignore them or say something along the lines of how he's working on his other 'ambitions' such as writing the next great American novel. In the midst of this dysfunctional family we have me ex-Fatty Tessie on the verge of what some might claim to be a nuclear attack others might refer to it as Cole Stone's return. I plop down on my bed and take out the material needed for my homework. I have an essay due tomorrow which I've written already actually I wrote the ten page monster the day it was assigned. When being a nerd is the only option you've got left a social life is pretty much non-existent. Nicole has made sure that I'm shunned from any sort activity that might involve me having fun. Why she has to go to such major extents I have no idea. I'm proofreading the essay and adding foot notes when my dad enters my room. His face is flushed and it's because of all the screaming that was just going on downstairs. "Are you free Tess?" He asks expectantly "Well not exactly I have this assignment..."

It's like he hasn't even heard what I just said and thrusts a folder into my hands, "Good I need you to take these to the Sheriff right now. I would've done it myself but I'm going to head out and he needs these right away." "But Dad..." He wants dead; am me to my Sherriff

me to go the Stone's? Is he out of his mind? Does he want me I that big of a disappointment to him that he's readily sending doom itself? I can't go to the Sherriff's house because that fathered Cole and if Cole's back...

No Way! "You will do as I say Tess or you'll be grounded." He says smugly. Oh he has no idea who I am does he? "Then ground me." It's not like I go anywhere except the mall sometimes with Megan and Beth and none of them are keen shoppers so we mostly end up sitting at Starbucks with Beth disappearing of to the music store for hours and Megan talking on and on and on about whatever she's heard that day. He sighs, "Just do it Tess and no arguments. I would've sent your brother but since it's morning according to whatever clock he lives by he'll either be too drunk to function or too hung over to actually comprehend what I just said." Yeah my dad's not a big fan of Travis. "But Dad Cole might be there and you of all people know how bad he is to me!" I whine practically willing to fall to his feet and beg him to not make me go. "Now is not the time for dramatics sweetie, take these papers and go." He pulls me upright and basically pushes me towards the door. "You're a mean parent you know that right?" I say as he walks me down the stairs and to the front door which he oh so graciously opens for me. "You don't become the Mayor by being nice now go." Then he shuts the door on my face. Oh I do love my family.

I wish I could say that the Stone residence was miles and miles away and during the journey I experienced severe dehydration, fainted and ended up at the local hospital with my father apologizing profusely for being such a dictator.

However it's me we're talking about and it only takes about five minutes before I end up outside their house. My hand lingers on the bell as I imagine all the possible scenarios which might occur IF Cole is actually inside. Most of them end up with me in the same local hospital but with a lot of broken bones and a badly bruised ego. Whilst Cole has never physically hurt me many of his pranks have been designed to target my obvious lack of coordination and somehow I always end up in a cast. Always. In fact I'm on first name terms with the people in the emergency room, during the years from kindergarten to junior high I have ended up there more times than I can count. Now even though I haven't been there for nearly four years it's not like I exactly miss the place and the wonderful smell of disinfectant I'd rather not visit old Martha who's my favourite nurse anytime soon. Okay so now I'm digressing. Focus Tessa focus! I squeeze my eyes shut and press the damned button twice. Five minutes after waiting I decide to turn the door knob maybe I'm lucky and no one's home. The Sherriff often spends long hours at the police station and his second wife and Jay's mom is a doctor who works late night shifts at the hospital. Jay could be out too I think grudgingly, he could be out with Nicole and the thought makes me clench my fists. The just leaves one person... You really owe me one dad. Luckily I turn the knob and the door opens I stick my head inside to find the television room empty. A single light illuminates the path to the kitchen which is mostly dark. From memory I recall that the boys' rooms are upstairs while Mr. and Mrs. Stone's is on the left of the kitchen. I step in lightly just so that I don't make a sound. I was told to deliver the papers to a person and not just leave them lying around but I could always tell my dad that no one was home. Yeah that's a good idea! I walk further into the house clutching the file in my hands treading lightly. I leave the folder on a small desk which holds some other important looking documents. "Yoo hoo Tessie." Comes a sing song voice and my head shoots up instinctively which is a rookie mistake after all these years. The moment I look up I see the bucket in his hands but as usual am too slow to respond. Cole stands behind the banisters and spills the contents

of said bucket directly onto me and in a matter of seconds I am completely drenched in ice cold water. While the shock settles in I hear the burst of evil laughter that erupts from the monster's mouth. I stand there open mouthed and soaked, the fact that I'd just been pranked not settling in. He basically skips down the stairs still laughing as I stand rooted to my spot. "Ahh Tessie how I've missed you." He chuckles when he nears me but the amusement in his face dies when he sees me. "You're not Tessie." He frowns standing right in front of me. Ladies and Gentlemen meet Cole Stone. An entire 6'1 of pure evilness, he could fool the world with his shaggy brown hair and baby blue eyes but not me. I see him exactly as he is and he is the devil reincarnated! "But you're still an immature nincompoop." I seethe finally realizing that I was dripping wet. I pull my soaked t-shirt away from me and push away the hair that's stuck to my mouth. Urgh! "You called me a nincompoop and you're in my house when Tessie's father said she'd be here. Who are you and what have you done to my shortcake?" He exclaims gripping my shoulders and pushing me forwards. Okay is he for real. I slap his chest and push away, "Okay I'm 5'7 so calling me shortcake doesn't make sense and don't touch me ever again Stone or I will castrate you." "Seriously the only girl who could want harm to come to my balls would be Tessie but you aren't her..." "No I'm her evil Russian twin Svetlana and I'm here to kill you in your sleep." "The sarcasm the threat to my balls and calling me nincompoop you really are Tessie aren't you?" He says like he's in shock. In his defense the last time he saw me I weighed as much as two Sumo Wrestlers and proudly sported a double chin plus my hair had always been stuck in the unfashionable bob while now it reached my waist. It was soaked and frizzing at the speed of sound but it was still long. "Oh I'm so grateful that you believe me now get out of my way." "When did you become hot Tessie?" He says still looking slightly dazed and turning a deaf ear to all the profanities coming out of my mouth as I realize that my teeth are chattering.

I try not to blush when he calls me hot but he's basically the first guy to say that and my cheeks can't help but heat up. I cannot seriously be blushing because of something Cole Stone said! That's like blasphemy or something. "Well that's more than what I can say for you you're still as ugly as ever." I stick my tongue out at him and he smirks bloody conceited jerk. "The one thing I know I'm is ugly because if I was I wouldn't have scored the number of hot girls at military school and let me tell you they are wild." He wiggles his eyebrows and I feel my dinner coming back up. "Okay you're officially making me sick and I should leave before I throw up." "Like you did in third grade during your memorable performance as Snow White?" He says innocently and I glare at him. "You! You gave me that rancid cupcake I did not throw up because of nerves." "Whatever you want to believe sweetheart." I groan and head for the door but it opens before I can get to it and with my luck being as brilliant as it is Jay walks inside looking absolutely incredible in a beige sweater and dark denim jeans. Swoon. "Tessa?" His eyes widen as he takes in my appearance. Great just great the one time I run into him without Nicole standing over his shoulder I look like a dog that's just been hosed. Oh the joys of being Tessa O'Connell. "Err hi Jay." I say stupidly and give him a small smile he smiles back awkwardly and we stand in silence just staring at each other it's the perfect silence the kind that is in all the romance novels I read. It's the kind which is only interrupted when the guy kisses the girl and everything becomes magical. However this one ended because Cole starts making fake gagging sounds. This is my version of a romance novel and it would make the makers of Mills and Boons shed tears of blood. "You guys are so pathetic." He pretends to choke and I wish he really would. Jay glares at him and strides past me to hit him on the back of his head. "I thought I told you to leave her alone." He growls but Cole just rolls his eyes. "You're just jealous." He says to his step brother who in turn looks confused.

"Why would I be jealous?" "I can make her wet and you can't." My face scrunches in disgust as he winks at me and this time I definitely taste the bile. "Dude you're sick." "Beats being a wimp." "You don't know what you're talking about." I see Jay's temper rising but the conversation has stopped making sense to me. "I know enough brother." Cole pats Jay's shoulder in fake sympathy. "Come on shortcake let me get you some dry clothes before you become a human Popsicle." He says this without taking his eyes off of his brother both seemed to be involved in some sort of a staring contest but it's Jay who gives up first and turns to face me. "You can come with me I'll get you a towel." He says kindly and I nod eagerly before Cole snorts and destroys the moment once again. "I don't think that's a good idea Jay Jay what will your girlfriend say when she finds out you've been spending time with Tessie here." I'm about to tell him off and say that Jay isn't afraid of Nicole and that he can be friends with me without thinking about how Nicole would react. But the hesitation that comes across his face is like a punch to the stomach as I realize that Cole's hit the nail right on the head. Jay pulls away from me like there's some sort of invisible force field between us A force field named Nicole Andrea Bishop. Before I know it Cole's tugging me by the hand and guiding me up to his room. I keep my eyes on Jay even though he's trying to look anywhere but at me. I'm in love with the guy and all but sometimes I wish he was stronger than this.

Cole pulls me into his room or what looks like the framework of one. White sheets cover the bed and the two-seater while boxes are lined up everywhere. A thin film of dust coated every visible surface and I wrinkled my nose when I noticed the newly taped posters of half dressed busty women on the walls. "Nice to see you've prioritized decorating your room before unpacking or even you making it inhabitable." I said dryly letting my eyes wander over the space.

Cole was digging into one of the boxes and produced an army green hoodie, "Think fast shortcake" he said but with my reflexes the hoodie smacked me right in the face nearly blinding me in the process. "Thanks" I said my voice muffled by the fabric as I escaped into the nearest bathroom to change out of my wet shirt. When I come back Cole is lying down on his bed staring at the ceiling as his head rested on his arms. He smirks slightly as I enter, "This is the part where I say you look sexier in my clothes than I ever did but the narcissist in me won't let me do that." "I'd rather you not." Damn blush! He had just indirectly called me sexy. Oh My God. Wait he's totally playing me, he's going to make me think that he likes me and just when I start to fall for his charm he'll pull some outrageous prank which will land me right back into the emergency room and back with good old Martha.

"No I'm serious Tessie you've really changed." He sounds serious and for a moment I let myself believe that he means everything he says and that he does think I look good even if that's a compliment I want from his step brother and not him. However it feels nice that losing all that weight made a difference to someone since I was still the fat loser to everyone else at ALHS. "I would totally bang you now." Then again I'd just slap him than have him say nice or crude things to me. "I would rather pull my teeth out with pliers than even imagine that possibility Stone." I cross my arms in front of my chest to look intimidating. "Oh you want me don't deny it. All these years of pretending to hate me the sexual tension building up inside you must be insane." I scoff at his arrogance and realize that I'm just killing brain cells by trying to reason with him so I decide to make a run for it. "Well it's been a pleasure having you back to ruin my life but I need to go before I strangle you." "Kinky." He winks at me and I throw my hands in the air aggravated to a point where the instinct to just put an end to his life is uncannily strong. "Goodbye Cole."

I turn on my heel and slam his door shut as he chuckles behind me. I have been in the house for no more than thirty minutes but it feels like I've been going at it with Cole for centuries. A dull ache is spreading through my skull as I realize that today's only the first of many to come and that he's back for good. Any peace and quiet that I had expected in my senior year evaporated the minute He-devil decided to return to our great town. I'd learnt to deal with Nicole albeit it was the most cowardly way ever but we were existing and it was okay. The last thing I needed was the arrival of a boy whose wishes to see flailing are as strong as Nicole's. Rhyming names and all.

I see Jay still sitting in the TV room watching Criminal Minds; I smile because I know how obsessed he is with it. Jay was good, Jay was pure, and Jay would never make me unhappy well not intentionally. As I near the door I don't know if to say goodbye or whether that would be too awkward after the exchange that just took place. I think better of it as I exit the house quickly, I know he heard me leave but he didn't do anything about it. My heart hurts and I wonder if he'll ever like me half as much as I like him. I'm on their driveway when the devil reappears. Cole calls my name as he sticks his head out of his bedroom window. That' how he knew I was in the house when he tipped the bucket over me, sneaky bastard. "What?" I shout as he grins at me with that devil may care smile. "Be ready at seven tomorrow I'm picking you up." "What makes you think I'd sit in a car with you let alone make a twenty minute drive?" "I'm not exactly asking you shortcake I'm telling you. If you don't come I will grab you kicking and screaming." "You're crazy!" "Crazy enough to do it." The entire conversation consists of us yelling sentences to each other and it isn't long before a woman with graying hair comes of the adjacent house, tugging her robe tighter around herself and yelling at us, 'filthy teenagers to shut our traps' "Now will you come with me or do you need another visit from Mrs. Lebowski, I heard she owns a Great Dane and that Scooby aint afraid to bite." He's still yelling but now he's just doing it for kicks.

"Fine" I mutter so that it's hardly noticeable, "Fine!" I say loudly and he flashes me his trademark 100 watt smile. "See you tomorrow shortcake." He says and shuts his window and I realize that I've just signed my very own death warrant. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SIGH-this is long right? I tried making it longer so that you guys could have plenty of Cole and also because I'm so freaked by the fact that this story already has 1000 reads and is doing well on the what's hot lists. WOW. Thank you so so much! I hope you guys like this and please vote/comment/fan if you enjoy the story. How about we get 50 votes and 20 comments for this chapter and I'll upload super sooooon.

#################################### Chapter Three : Death by Spearmint-I'd Revolutionize The World of Crime #################################### Chapter Three : Death by Spearmint-I'd Revolutionize the World of Crime Now I can honestly say that I'm not the lightest of sleepers in fact a crane could scoop out the roof of my house and I'd sleep through it because that's just how I am and how the rest of my family is. We all cherish sleep a lot more than regular people and my brother took his love for it the extra mile since all he ever does is sleep, well get hopelessly drunk and then sleep. Now this heredity love of sleep would explain the amount of hatred I would harbor for any person who wakes me up before I absolutely have to. Anyone and everyone who knows me well enough (which is sadly restricted to my family and my two best friends) knows better than to mess with my sleep. You can bully me all you want, you can call me all the names in the world and you can also so cruelly snatch the love of my life away from me but you just cannot wake me up when I don't want to woken up. Sadly one person didn't get the memo which might probably be the reason I wake up the next morning sneezing like a nerdy kid with pollen allergies during springtime. Wait I am the nerdy kid with the pollen allergies...

However the reason I was on the verge of sneezing my insides out wasn't because sunflowers had magically bloomed inside my room during the course of the night. No, the real reason was that the reincarnation of Hannibal Lecter better know as Cole Stone had stuck a feather up my nose and was tickling me with it. A feather! By the time I'd finished wiping the snot from my nose he doubled over laughing manically. I growled and threw my pillow cushion at him but seeing how it was covered in fluff it was hardly going to do any damage. "You imbecile!" I had lunged for him as he managed to pick himself up just in time because I missed him and landed rather ungracefully on the hardwood floor of my room. Suffice to say my morning had been ruined just so that Cole Stone could amuse himself.

Now we're sat somewhat awkwardly at the breakfast table and my parents are pretending to be so completely unlike themselves that their little display is starting to make my head hurt. My mom passes my dad his coffee and he graciously accepts it offering her a kiss on the cheek in return. They laugh as they talk to each other and hold hands at the table as they reminisce about the good times. I want to gag but I cannot possibly ruin their Oscar worthy performance now can I? All of this is done for the benefit of the person sitting next to me who is currently devouring the plate of scrambled eggs and French toast which my mother had so lovingly prepared for him. She never cooks, like ever. I knew she was a terrific cook from experience but somewhere down the line she stopped being the mom whom I would find in the kitchen baking her to die for lemon meringue pie for my brother and I, she used to make dinner every night and it would always be something exotic and absolutely delicious since she loved trying out new things but it had been a really long time since she cooked for us and I blamed it on all the antidepressants she'd started taking. I couldn't help but feel jealous as I realized that mom could cook for Cole and not me. It was stupid really but it did hurt knowing that I wasn't important enough for her. All my resentment now seemed to be directed towards Cole who seems to be oblivious to all the tension surrounding him and is ploughing throw his food like a tractor on crack. "So Cole what are your plans for college?" My dad never asks me about my plans, he doesn't even know what classes I'm taking for senior year or that I'm a straight A student. I sigh internally and try not to drown in self pity. It makes sense that they're

sucking up to him he is after all the Sheriff's son and the Sheriff is a very important man in the world of small town politics. Cole stops chugging down his food and disarms my parents with a charming smile, "I haven't actually planned anything. I might not even go to college this year you know, go backpacking through Europe and stuff." I snort in disbelief," Backpacking through Europe, only people who're about to repeat their senior year use that excuse." My father gives me an admonishing look and I realize he's warning me to back off. I pout like a stubborn child crossing my arms over my chest and match his stare. I've told him before that I will not under any circumstances suck up to Cole Stone. There's nothing on the planet that could make me be nice to the one guy who's taken it upon himself to make every waking hour of my life difficult. If he thinks I'm going to become his best buddy then he is obviously delusional! "Tess sweetie about that car you wanted for your birthday..." He trails of on purpose no doubt but his words have the desired effect. I freeze, my fork stopping halfway in the air as my father smirks at me from across the table. Oh he did not just go there. All year long I'd been saving up for the most beautiful Range Rover Sport however in the end my savings had been somewhat meager and my father stepped in to stop me from sinking into depression. He promised me that I could have the car for my birthday since money wasn't an issue and I'd been floating on cloud nine dreaming of me and my car cruising down the highway with the wind blowing in my car and Maroon 5 blasting from the radio... However as soon as the words left his mouth the image shattered into thousands of bite sized pieces because I knew where this was going. "What about my car?" I ask carefully as his smirk widens. "I was thinking maybe we'd get it next year. You can have Travis's old one this year since you're still a little shaky with parking." Oh no he didnt! I could park better than he could and he admitted it to my face. I knew what he's doing, he's blackmailing me into being Cole's lapdog and threatening me with the one thing he knows I could never live without. I just really needed that car, nothing is more embarrassing than being a senior whose father drives them to school and then picks them up at the end of the day too. I gulp as I realize the predicament I'm in and the only option I have left is to surrender my pride and take this punishment with a pinch of salt. One day I would get back at him for this. "Don't worry Daddy; I'll work on my parking." I smile until my cheeks ache but the message has been delivered. When decoded my words meant

this, 'You win Father I will treat Cole like he's the Pope from now on and worship the ground he walks on." "Wonderful dear." He replies cheerfully and turns back to his breakfast.

"Slow down!" I shout as I clutch my seat belt so tightly that my knuckles turn white. "What's the fun in that Tessie?" Cole grins wickedly and I squeeze my eyes shut as he takes a nasty turn around a bend in the road the tires screeching in protest. "You're father's the sheriff he'll kill you if he finds you speeding." I try to reason with him without opening my eyes. I'd rather not see my life flashing before my eyes just yet. I'd known that getting into a car with Cole equaled sauntering over to the Grim Reaper and handing over your life on silver platter but stupidly enough I'd thought that he wouldn't kill me when he was in the same car as me. I however had been proven wrong, not only is he a sadist, a lying evil manipulator, a scheming arrogant jerk who thinks way too highly of himself but he's also suicidal. "You really need to learn to live shortcake. This is what we normal humans refer to as a good time, the mother ship left you here accept that and at least try to fit in." "You call possibly crashing into a tree and bleeding out on the road and die waiting for an ambulance to show up having a good time?" I screech opening my eyes and glaring at him. He shakes his head and steers the car once more around the bend and I end up pushed flat against the window. "You and that imagination of yours," he chuckles and I bet my imagination can think of a thousand different ways to kill him using that pack of gum lying inside the dashboard. Death by Spearmint-I'd revolutionize the world of crime, they should give me my own episode of Criminal Minds.

When we finally make it to the parking lot of ALHS I feel like I'm a war veteran and that a parade with lots of Mylar balloons should await me however that is not the case as Cole eases his Volvo between two parked spaces. What does await me I realize as I get out the car are the shocked, stunned, surprised and some more shocked faces of the student body.

Figures, Cole's return is a pretty big deal. See he's this big legend and unlike me everyone seems to love him, in fact love would be a mild word. In our school Cole is hero worshipped for the many pranks he's pulled throughout the years. Everyone knows who he is even though he's been gone for nearly three years and it seems like his celebrity status hasn't diminished even a little bit over the years. Joy. He purposely embellishes his exit out of the car, why can't he do what normal people do and get out without his usual antics? It's like watching a really bad episode of Bay Watch as he swings one leg out and then the other in slow motion. When His Highness finally gets his sorry ass out of the car he takes off his leather jacket and swings it around his shoulder, he makes a big show out of taking off his shades and inserting them in the back pocket of his jeans. Then he stretches and pretends to yawn so that his taught muscles stretch and ripple as his shirt does nothing to hide how fit he really is. I can practically hear each and every member of the female population sigh in amazement as he messes his hair up so that it looks artistically disheveled. He then does the unthinkable and winks at me and I'm sure that everyone caught the little moment. I narrow my eyes at him, "Who do you think you are David Hassellhoff?" This wipes the smirk right off his face and I mentally congratulate myself for the little victory. His face is priceless as he realizes that I will not be drooling over him like every other girl here. "Please if the ladies saw this," his points towards his body, "half naked and all wet and glistening and running on the beach the nation's female population would considerably go down" He says cockily and I nod in agreement surprising him. "You're right; they'd actually claw out their own eyes, keel over and die out of revulsion." With that I march right past him knowing that every eyes is on me and that sooner or later this would so come back to bite me in the butt.

Megan is on the verge of hysterics as we sit next to each other in homeroom and I can tell she's just itching to know if I really did show up with Cole and if I did how come I'm still in one piece. It is the ideal class to spill my guts seeing as Mrs. Sanchez's head currently rests on her desk and drool is visibly escaping from her mouth. I shudder at the sight and focus my attention on my best friend who is practically whimpering with the need to know what is going on. I also have Beth who's

pretending to not listen in on our conversation but I know she's interested due to the fact that she's been stuck on the same page of her assigned reading book for the past fifteen minutes. I tell them everything starting from how I was forced to go to the Stone residence the previous night to how Cole became my wake up call. Then I described in detail as to what was at stake if I cross him and by the time I'd finished venting Megan's eyes had turned the size of watermelons as she gaped at me. Beth simply looked amused and shook her head a bit, that just how she is I really don't take her lack of concern for my well being personally. "So you're basically doomed." Megan declares and I slump in my seat hitting my head against my desk repeatedly. "There there," Megan pats my head sympathetically and I glare at her. "I don't see what the problem is." Beth's gravely voice interrupts the silence for the first time and I squint my eyes in disbelief. She doesn't seem to think I have a problem? Has listening to all those Led Zeppelin albums finally damaged her brain? She rolls her eyes as Megan and I give her incredulous looks, "Look the way I see it it's a win win situation for you. Now that he's taken the role of resident bully Nicole won't come near you and Jay will realize that there are other guys who are interested. He might actually grow a backbone and be the friend you've always wanted him to be." I splutter in disbelief as I try to make sense of her logic. The words 'guy' and 'interested' stand out and seem so alien especially when applied to me that I think my friend's gone for a ride on the cray cray train. "Beth which part of him being Hannibal Lecter did you not get?" "I got it all trust me but what I got the most was that this guy likes you and he shows it the best way he can which is by picking on you, it's a classic boy maneuver." She states like she's discussing the stock market and Megan and I exchange looks both thinking the same thing, sane Beth isnt with us today. "Yes it's a classic boy maneuver for when you're in kindergarten. If there is even the smallest possibility that he likes me he wouldn't torture me like he does." I explain patiently like I'm talking to a child with learning problems. "Think what you want I know I can't convince you otherwise," She shrugs but adds, "I just think that him being here inst necessarily a bad thing."

She however couldn't have been more wrong. As the day passes on I realize that people are looking at me with more interest than ever. The last time I was this popular was when I'd been Nicole's fat sidekick these people had pushed and prodded until she'd dumped me so it wasn't a surprise if I seemed a little afraid of what they were up to today. I stand outside the door of my Economics class, one which I share with Jay and Nicole and one which I dread attending ever since the start of school. It's like Nicole purposely rubs in the fact that she's dating Jay and I can't even get him to smile at me without him worrying about what his girlfriend would think. She does what she can to make it the worst fifty minutes of the day and I do what I can to not let my heart be shredded into bits and pieces each time I see them discretely or not so discretely touching each other. I walk in about two minutes early and the happy couple is already seated at their joint table. We have a partner system in this class since we get a lot of assignments to be completed in pairs. It is self explanatory that I sit alone as Nicole as threatened anyone from changing my status at a social outcast. I try not looking at them as I walk past them to take my seat at the back of the class, a seat which I hated as I could hardly see what the teacher was writing on the board but I took what I got and moved on. "It's okay Tessie I'm sure you'll grow some boobs when you're like thirty, no need to stuff your bra." Nicole snickered. A low blow that was, she knew that my chest area is a major source of embarrassment for me and yet she chooses to pick on it when Jay's sitting next to her. He must be comparing his curvaceous and voluptuous girlfriend to flat chested me and thinking how he got the better end of the deal. "Or she could get a boob job like you did but she's not that desperate." For a second my heart soars as I stop halfway and think that Jay's finally defending me and that he's seen how rotten his girlfriend is on the inside and that he's going to kiss me right in front of her telling me that I have always been the one for him. I snap my head back so fast that I almost pull a muscle but to my utter disappointment Jay sits in his seat squirming and another person has joined in on the discussion about my chest, fantastic. Cole leans over Nicole and Jay's desk and I can see he's testing if Nicole has the guts to talk back to him. See when Cole was still here Nicole wasn't much of a queen bee or even a worker bee in fact she was happy being the outcast bee with me. That's not even the best part; Nicole also had the biggest crush on Cole seeing as how she's obsessed with bad boys and Cole was the epitome of one. I recall all the times we squealed over the Stone brothers and imagined our joint wedding after which we'd end up being sisters. Though I did point out that her future husband might not let me live to actually wed. Obviously things didn't work out. Now it's priceless seeing her face drop as Cole has so blatantly insulted her. Her mouth flops open and shut like a fish's as she struggles to come

up with the biting remarks she's used on me all these years. It's nice to see her be the being bullied for a change; I almost feel a sense of gratitude toward Cole, almost. "Back off man." Jay comes to the defense of his girlfriend a little too late but it still hurts to know that he's got her back and not mine. "Then tell your girlfriend to stop being a bitch." He says smoothly and I swear I see Nicole's face reddening in embarrassment. "Cole." Jay says warningly his hands balling up into fists and his jaw clenching. "Jay Jay." He retorts clearly enjoying the whole ordeal. Before either of them can go any further the bell rings and the teacher, a balding Mr. Spruce walks in clutching his brief case. Everyone settles into their seats including me and imagine my surprise when the chair next to me gets pulled up for the first time ever and Cole Stone of all people sits down next to me. He makes nothing of it as I openly stare at him, "You can't sit here." I exclaim yet try to keep my voice down as Mr. Spruce starts taking the roll call. "If it won't kill me or endanger my sex drive in any way then of course I can." I wrinkle my nose at his indecency and he chuckles at my discomfort. "No you seriously can't. No one sits here!" "Do you have some sort of a contagious disease?" "No!" I say looking around and making sure that no one's listening in on our conversation, especially not the people sitting two tables in front of us. "Do you have a footsie fetish?" "Eww no." "Do you plan on using whatever information you can get from me in this class sending it to Ninjas and having them kick my ass when I least expect?" I almost laugh at this one but hold it in and shake my head. "Then I can totally sit here." "You'll end up at the bottom of the proverbial food chain then, your call." I say dryly flipping my text book open and turning to the chapter we were currently studying. I can feel Cole's gaze burning the side of my head but I cannot look him in the eyes just yet. I might have said the words with nonchalance but it did sort of suck that just by association with me a person would be labeled loser for eternity. My best friends

were already subjected to that torture at the hands of Nicole's minions and it hurt knowing that it was because of me. "Don't let her get to you Tessie." He says softly, so softly that I cannot believe that the words have come out of his mouth. It goes against his very nature to be nice to me so to say that I'm surprised is an understatement. Since when does Cole Stone behave like an actual human being around me? "It's not exactly easy to do that." I say avoiding eye contact but I hear him sigh and drop his head on the table. "You let her walk all over you but that's got to stop." He sounds determined and I whirl my head around to look at him. There's genuine concern in his eyes and my mind involuntarily goes back to what Beth said earlier this morning, did Cole like me? Evening thinking about it is absurd and I shake the thoughts out of my head," Why do you care?" I ask and he shrugs before flashing me his devil may care smile. "Let's just say I don't like sharing. You're my Tessie and only I get to make you miserable, besides it's not like Bishop's any match for me and you deserve the best there is." I roll my eyes and realize that he could never be serious for longer than a nanosecond, "I feel so lucky to have you as my customized bully." "The pleasure is all mine." He winks and opens his own textbook. Sometimes I really do wish I could see what it is that's going on inside that head of his but then I think better of it as I realize it probably holds more conniving thoughts about making my life a living hell and that I'd be so much better of not knowing. Cole Stone's head was dangerous territory but I had an inkling that I was about to become Dora the Explorer sooner rather than later.

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