Why do injection moulds need to be tested?

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Why do injection moulds need to be tested?
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Defects in most injection molding products are caused during the plasticizing and injection phases of the injection molding parts, but are sometimes related to design irrationality, including the type of injection port, the number of mold cavities, location and size, the design of the cold and hot runner system, and the structure of the product itself. Therefore, in order to avoid product defects caused by mold design, we need to analyze the injection mold during production. After the test results of injection mold are obtained, the operator usually needs to evaluate the specific conditions of the mold, so as not to increase unnecessary costs and time in the process of modification. In most cases, in order to make up for its deficiency in die design, the operator may be unwittingly made incorrect Settings, because the parameters required for the production of qualified products range is very small, once there’s any deviation in parameter Settings, may lead to the final product quality far beyond the allowed error range.
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